My Life On PrEP

Stop and Go PrEP: Will it Work?

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the question of when somebody taking PrEP might consider discontinuing its use. A few readers e-mailed me to ask a related but different question: what if you ...
My Life On PrEP

Fucking the Future

Every year around the New Year, a friend of mine— we’ll call him Thomas—gives a presentation about the sex he had during the previous 365 days. It’s a geeky-whore mix of Pow...
My Life On PrEP

Tips And Tricks For PrEP

Taking a pill once a day seems straightforward enough. Pill, mouth – bam! But as anyone who has been faced with that task knows, it can be more of a pain that you might think. Sometimes you f...
My Life On PrEP

Does PrEP Have Side Effects?

I brought my pills to work for three days while waiting for my HIV test results. I was eager to start taking Truvada for PrEP, but I knew that I needed to wait for my HIV test results to come back ...
My Life On PrEP

Learning To Fuck With Poz Guys

A few months before I started taking Truvada for PrEP, I got hit up on Manhunt by a gorgeous HIV-positive guy who wanted to fuck me bare. He was frank about it, telling me that his viral load was u...
My Life On PrEP

My Life On PrEP

Editor’s note: PrEP is an HIV prevention option currently available in the U.S. and Truvada is the medication prescribed. PrEP can be a complex issue that raises a number of questions. I want...

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