5 L.A. Trainers’ Best Tips to Get Your Ass Pool Party-Ready

Here's an open-palmed slap of reality for you: swimsuit season is approaching like a freight train and you are so not ready


April 14, 2016 :: 8:30 AM

The clock is officially ticking. As the sun begins to shine brighter and the weather gets warmer, L.A. queens begin to open their eyes to the bitter truth: swimsuit season is coming like a freight train.

The fear and whining begin. Widespread panic erupts at the gym. Even the true meatheads leave the weightroom to dust off the StairMaster and begin stepping in agony. There is gnashing of teeth. Sweat everywhere. The cardio area is at capacity. Meal plans pop up everywhere. Trainers like myself let out a mwahahaha, and our schedules and bank accounts fill up. Group fitness classes swell. Salads are found in every hand. Then, it finally happens: The first Facebook pool party invite comes in. You face the most groundbreaking and heartwrenching question of the year: “Am I ready?!”

Let me spare you the dramatic months of prep with some powerful methods to get your stomach flatter and your muscles popping, just in time for drinks by the pool. I’ve asked some of L.A.’s top fitness pros for their tips on getting swimsuit-ready in a flash.

Before we get into theirs, though, here’s mine: If these tips are OK’d by your physician, do them exactly as recommended. Don’t get creative. And remember, the best results come from sacrifice, focus and a clear, unobstructed direction. When you make excuses and toy with things, it just delays results. Stay on the narrow path—at least temporarily—and you will stand before that pool (which you’ll likely never even get into) with pride and confidence.

Gunnar Peterson @gunnarfitness
Schedule your workouts. “Start lifting weights now! Prioritize your gym workouts over everything else … except your kids.”

Kristin Vallacher @kristinvthe1st
Train smart. ”Don’t waste all your time on the treadmill. Execute high-rep, compound movements like deadlifts, pull-ups and squats. These burn more calories and fat.”

Mario Chin @bodybymario
Cut alcohol. “We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there aren’t really any loopholes here. Alcohol bloats. Try this for two to three weeks before that swimsuit vacation or beach getaway.”

Bojan Mladenovic @crunchweho
Try a liquid diet. “Periodic juicing gives your digestive tract a rest, helping you process food better and look tighter. Your body will rejuvenate and regenerate. Many juices are packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes that will help you burn fat. I suggest subbing one meal out with a juice or doing only juice a few days before getting into your swimsuit.”

Matt Conrad @mattconrad07
Monitor your carb intake. “Frontload carbs so most of them are in the morning. This helps give you energy for the day. Then reduce them throughout the day, so none are at night. This will allow the body to burn fat at night rather than store it. Plus, your stomach will look flatter in the morning!”

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