Watch Russell Tovey Play a Closeted Soccer Star in ‘The Pass’

Check out the film's first trailer and hope that it finds its way stateside


September 16, 2016 :: 3:12 AM

The UK’s Premier League is still waiting for its first out player, but a new film starring none other than Russell Tovey hopes to push the process along.

The Pass has already screened at a few festivals, and stars Tovey as an upcoming soccer star who makes a pass at a teammate (Arinzé Kene) the night before a major match — and then doesn’t make a pass of the other sort during the game itself. The film then revisits him a couple of times during his career as he tries to deal with his success and his sexuality.

The film’s an adaptation of a play, which Tovey also starred in when it graced a London stage in 2014. It’s out in UK cinemas some time later this year, but there’s no word on any U.S. release yet, so you’ll have to rely on the new trailer to tide you over for now.

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