10 Moments When ‘American Horror Story’ Went Balls-to-the-Wall Gay

We take a stroll down memory lane, looking at moments from the first four seasons when Ryan Murphy gifted TV greatness to the gays


October 7, 2015 :: 9:00 AM

Since 2011, American Horror Story has given television many a splendid thing (Evan Peters immediately comes to mind), and many of those things were dipped in the waters of Lake Homo. To really work ourselves into a lather for the Oct. 7 premiere of the show’s fifth season, Hotel, on FX, we take a stroll down memory lane and look at moments from the first four seasons when creator Ryan Murphy held out a gift box beribboned in black satin and said, “Here you go, gays. This is for you.“



10. See and Be Seen (Season 1, Murder House)
Married man Ben (Dylan McDermott) catches trampy maid Moira pleasuring herself, and though he knows he shouldn’t, he can’t stop watching. When he finally tears himself away from his lust, he bee-lines to the bedroom, where he stands in front of a huge window, masturbates vigorously and ugly cries to orgasm. That’s when Ben notices a burn victim in a cheap suit (Denis O’Hare) watching him intently before tipping his hat and exiting stage right.


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