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The Top 5 Sex Toys for Gay Men

Get lost in the throes of climactic delight by investing in one of these sexy gadgets, culled by the experts at L.A.'s The Pleasure Chest


June 3, 2015 :: 8:00 AM

Have the playthings in your naughty nightstand withstood decades of delight? If so, it might be time to grab your partner and head to a store that caters to the kid in all of us but is without a doubt for adults only. It takes a special kind of toy to reach a man’s most sensitive erogenous zones, and no one knows this better than Robin Jennings, Buying and Merchandising Manager for The Pleasure Chest, L.A.’s go-to emporium for everything sex-related. For your perusal, Jennings, who has been catering to the playfully promiscuous for over 15 years, considers the following collection of good-time gadgets the best she has to offer.

1. Fun Factory Cobra Libre II
Looking more like a sci-fi spaceship, this implement of erotica can be used during your next titillating tête-à-tête or when you’re in the mood for a bout of sexual solitaire. After inserting your penis, “deep, rumbling vibrations stimulate the head of the cock for explosive, hands-free orgasms,” claims Jennings. Use it while flaccid or hard, and take advantage of the waterproof feature by going below the Jacuzzis bubbling surface for a discreet, personal pantless party. $130

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