L.A. Loves Classy Trash

In Greek mythology, Adonis personified masculine beauty. Adonis L.A., the West Coast iteration of New York's premier M4M strip club, strives to embody the demi-god's stellar reputation. Conceived ...


September 13, 2013 :: 11:29 PM

In Greek mythology, Adonis personified masculine beauty. Adonis L.A., the West Coast iteration of New York’s premier M4M strip club, strives to embody the demi-god’s stellar reputation. Conceived by siblings Tim and Matt Iterriaga, the party has been descending upon Fubar every Wednesday night since its June 19 opening, featuring ‘classy trash’ from every corner of the nation. Frontiers spoke with Matt, the high priest of Adonis L.A., about this scorching-hot new night, the go-go gods in his employ and the perks of sibling rivalry.

What motivated you to move Adonis to L.A.?
Over the years, many of our L.A. friends had the opportunity to experience the exciting, unique and interactive format of the Adonis NYC shows and had been asking Tim repeatedly to bring the Adonis experience to L.A.

How has sibling rivalry influenced the L.A. version of Adonis?
We do everything we can to support each other. This is the core foundation that has made Adonis Lounge what it is—a place and network of caring, supportive, non-judgmental, comforting friendship. Oh, and where you can get a classy and trashy lap dance! [Laughs] And just to make sure he doesn’t slack off, I did tell Tim that Adonis L.A. will be better than Adonis NYC!

Who has been your most interesting dancer to perform at Adonis L.A.?
We had a porn star headliner for one of the shows. He shot a porn scene earlier in the day and injected his penis too many times with some product in order to stay hard. Several hours later his unit turned black and blue and was throbbing to the point he couldn’t stand or walk, so he had to go to the hospital and get anti-erection injections! We hope Braden Charron is walking alright today.

What’s the biggest difference between an L.A. and New York audience?
New York shows are more established—the patrons are more familiar with the format and expectations. The Adonis Lounge M4M strip club format is so new to L.A. that our patrons sometimes seem hesitant to actually get lap dances from the dancers. The format of the Adonis Lounge shows is not a go-go dance format, which some of the L.A. patrons are still getting to understand. I must say, though, L.A. certainly seems to be learning quickly!

What does Adonis add to gay L.A.?
There is nothing like Adonis Lounge in L.A.! Finally there is a place for gay men to see some of the hottest guys in the country—almost nude—where they can interact, have conversations and get private lap dances. We are proud, honored and grateful that we can bring our brand of classy trash to L.A.


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