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You Cruising, Bro? A Peek Inside the L.A. Sex Club Scene

It's a quandary of many a horny gay Angeleno—which is the right local sex club for me? Here's a helping hand


April 17, 2015 :: 9:48 AM

Los Angeles has always been replete with places to hookup—a great thing for the gay man uninterested in shirking his sexuality. Unlike some California cities, L.A. allows bathhouses and other frisky spots to not just exist but thrive. They’re called everything from spas to bathhouses to full-on sex dungeons, and we considered them all to come up with this guide to the city’s most “welcoming” sex clubs—spaces where many local guys go to get done right

Midtowne Spa
One of L.A.’s best known men’s spas, the draw here is the dark maze in the basement, which is replete with opportunities for one of the city’s most diverse bathhouse crowds. Old, young, in-shape or otherwise eager, Midtowne is a national chain that extends from Northern California to Texas—and membership at one means you get access to all. There isn’t a stereotypical crowd at Midtowne, and most patrons say they feel comfortable no matter their type or look. The younger set (18-21) gets $5 lockers anytime, but everyone is welcomed at this five-story spa. 615 Kohler St.,

Silver Lake to its core, this sex club is a popular place for frisky fun. From Wet Wednesdays—a weekly watersports night offering free bottled water, natch—to gear nights and a Tuesday gym night (save $3 with gym membership), this East Side institution urges you to live out your fantasies. You can do so by utilizing the club’s kinky setups, from gloryholes and slings to bathtubs. The crowd skews older (read: more experienced), and admission is cash-only (one-time entry for $25, $14 with membership), but be smart and don’t bring a ton with you. 3688 Beverly Blvd.,

North Hollywood Spa
While the Hollywood location that once sat on Ivar may be out of service, this one is still going strong. It’s smaller than most of the locations on this list, and you’ll find more sexy men of color here than at the city’s other bathhouses. The clean facilities and attention to detail are impressive, even if there are only two video booths. Lockers aren’t cheap—$25 on weekdays, $28 on weekends—but midday visits from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. can be as low as $10. Looking to escape the WeHo scene? Enjoy all the fun the Valley has to offer.  5636 Vineland Ave.,

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The Zone Los Angeles
Unlike a lot of hookup spots on this list, the Zone is a night-only affair, opening at 8 p.m. and attracting men ‘til 6 a.m. While a lot of these clubs have enforced rules—wear only a towel, buy a locker, etc.—The Zone is more relaxed. There’s no need to strip, and the facility isn’t trying to double as a relaxation spot—in fact, it’s more akin to a laser tag location than a 24 Hour Fitness, with its abundance of dark rooms and multistory hangouts. Its easy-going attitude and proximity to the Boystown strip means a lot of eager clubgoers hit up the establishment for after-hours, and since you don’t have to change clothes, it’s easy to get in and out quickly. The crowd is pure WeHo—gym bunnies, younger guys and anyone interested in that type. Prices are fairly low—from $3-14—and a snack bar keeps you invigorated. 1037 N. Sycamore Ave.,

Roman Holiday
There’s no need to parse words—here’s where you’ll find married guys looking for on-the-side action. Prices here are low, with very sparse accommodations, but no one heads to a bathhouse for the food or décor, right? One of the older and more established spas in the city (having been around for nearly 50 years), it draws a similar clientele. Despite its grimy reputation, it has remained popular and has stayed packed throughout the years—a testament to its regulars and a rotation of curious newcomers. Not looking for luxury, just a great partner? Here’s your new favorite place. 12814 Venice Blvd., with another in Van Nuys; 

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