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Paloma Faith Graces L.A.'s Shores with Her Special Brand of Soul

Paloma Faith Graces L.A.’s Shores with Her Special Brand of Soul

It’s impossible not to have a visceral reaction when British singer-actress Paloma Faith opens her mouth to sing. She channels the history of dance music—all the way back from jazz and the blues through a modern sensibility—on sultry workouts such as “Can’t Rely on You” and the Diane Warren-penned “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” (both from her superlative A Perfect Contradiction, out this month). She’s a stylish spitfire, as influenced by fashion as by music, and has quickly become the go-to gay icon for Anglophiles. And though her musical vibe conjures a sweaty, seething juke joint—you can practically smell the pomade and skunkweed—she treads the floorboards like it’s a couture catwalk.
New Music Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014: Perfume Genius, Erasure, Gaga and JHud

New Music Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014: Perfume Genius, Erasure, Gaga and JHud

It’s a gay old week up in here what with Perfume Genius and The Drums and Erasure. As if that’s not enough, there’s also first rate work from Alt-J and Leonard Cohen and Foxes in Fiction. And—surprise of surprises—we also get a Jennifer Hudson jam that doesn’t make me want to turn it off but TURN IT UP. Proof, it must be said, that the world is surely coming to its end.
Meet Ferras, Pop Music's New Queer Voice
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Meet Ferras, Pop Music’s New Queer Voice

When Ferras released his debut album, Aliens & Rainbows, in 2008, he was a twentysomething solo artist facing an uphill battle in an ever-changing music industry landscape. The track “Hollywood’s Not America” received exposure as part of American Idol’s seventh season, but the record sold slowly, and Ferras seemed to retreat from public view. He was anything but idle during this time, co-writing songs with Adam Lambert, Ricky Martin and many others and releasing an interim EP in 2010 called Interim – The Time Between. Of course he also continued honing his craft.


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